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Our Vision and Values

Bushbury Lane Academy is a vibrant and friendly school, where every child and adult is valued and respected.

Strong relationships and high expectations are at the heart of our school community and together, form strong foundations for effective learning. This is evident as soon as you walk through the door.

The school environment itself is bright, inviting and purposeful and offers our pupils a stimulating and safe environment in which to learn. We are extremely proud of our children and their achievements and take every opportunity to celebrate their work within our school.

We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic educators, who go above and beyond to nurture our pupils and bring their learning to life both in and out of the classroom. Our staff are advocates for lifelong learning and are committed to providing experiences and opportunities that inspire our pupils and harness their talents. The diversity of our school population, comprised of over 25 ethnicities, is reflected in the curriculum we deliver. We embed opportunities for pupils to celebrate, share, and learn about their different cultural and spiritual beliefs as well as instil British Values within our school community.

Our vision is to ‘inspire the future’ and give all of our pupils the wings to fly, and it is our mission to ensure that all of our children are equipped with the skills, knowledge and attributes, which enable them to fulfil their potential and go on to lead happy and successful lives.


Our curriculum is well sequenced, engaging and purposeful and provides our students with the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of contexts. We aim to provide our pupils with life skills and instil them with core values that will support them in developing into independent and well-rounded citizens.


These values are:








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Everyone at Bushbury Lane is responsible for the education and welfare of children whether they are leaders, teachers, mentors, lunchtime supervisors, admin team members or children themselves. We believe our children are nothing short of exceptional and we are proud to equip them with the skills to be successful people, who are ready for the future.

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