Our Vision and Values

Bushbury Lane Academy's Vision

Bushbury Lane Academy believes in providing children with an education that is imaginative and inspiring that offers all children the chance to enjoy learning and to understand their place in the world around them. We also aim to offer children experiences that will develop the knowledge and skills to become independent and inquisitive learners.


At Bushbury Lane we are committed to supporting all pupils in their early education within a safe, caring environment, and to achieve their academic potential. We want pupils to have the learning behaviours that prepare them for life.

Our Philosophy

At Bushbury we are dedicated to our school and the learning that takes place. Everyone at Bushbury Lane is responsible for the education and welfare of children whether they are leaders, teachers, mentors, lunchtime supervisors, admin team members or children themselves. We believe our children are nothing short of exceptional and we are proud to equip them with the skills to be successful people, who are ready for life.

Bushbury Lane Academy's Attitudes to Learning

The children, staff and parents developed our attitudes to learning framework to promote the positive attitudes needed to learn. As a team, we decided that we wanted children to become:









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