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Behaviour and attitudes is a key feature of school life about which there should be a clear,shared understanding between the Head Teacher, all staff, parents, governors and children.

In order to create a positive school culture, all staff must positively reinforce appropriate behaviour.

The Bushbury Lane team will follow this policy encouraging a positive approach to behaviour management, by using a system of rewards and consequences therefore achieving a balance between recognition, responsibility and trust.

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Roles and Responsibilities

All staff and pupils are encouraged to promote positive attitudes to learning and behaviour.



Pupils are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning.

  • Take part in the caring, sharing ethos of our school and respect and display the values and learning behaviours we promote inschool.

  • Know and understand the rules, rewards and consequences of their choices and actions.


Adults in school

The class teacher is responsible for the management of the behaviour of their class, using the systems detailed in this policy.  Teachers will achieve this by:

  • Being calm, good humoured, having high expectations for the good behaviour all children in school and believing they all are capable of making the right choice.

  • Treating all children equally and showing concern and respect for them.

  • Making time to respond to children according to their needs.

  • Work with pupils to make rules clear and implement them firmly, but fairly with sensitivity.

  • Using praise rather than criticism to guide.

  • Take part in the caring, sharing ethos of our school and respect and display the values we promote in school.

  • Record and refer incidents to the pastoral leader or SLT as and when appropriate.

  • Be mindful that behaviour can be a sign of a safeguarding issues either for an individual or through peer on peer abuse. Where there is a safeguarding concern follow the safeguarding process. 

Pastoral lead

  • The pastoral lead will provide support to individual or groups of children and to class teachers where appropriate.

  • Review class and lunchtime behaviour logs weekly, looking for patterns, trends and significant changes.

  • Track behaviour by type on Arbor and report to SLT.

  • Tackle trends through assemblies and input into PSHE curriculum.


  • Oversee the implementation of the behaviour strategy.

  • Support extreme behaviour incidents

  • Decide when exclusions are required and liaise with governing body


Aiming for Gold Behaviour strategy

For more information, please consult our full behaviour policy.

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